CBGB + john varvatos = a rock'n new shop

fashion and interior design...
fashion designer john varvatos teamed up with interior designer brady wilcox and architect eric lukenich to create a tribute to CBGB's punk past, for his new store located at the legendary
315 bowery in new york. original stickers, handbills, and posters we saved and placed under plexiglass. many of the store fixtures were repurposed/salvaged from the original club.
a scuffed-up metal-and-wood coatrack was repurposed to display jeans. other design details such as vintage guitars were used and treated like art, framed under glass. a reupholstered victorian sofa was covered in animal print and painted high-gloss black, tons of black crystal chandeliers hang in the center of the space, keeping a rock and roll vibe that even joey ramone would be proud of!

the entry 315 bowery

black chandeliers hanging in the center of the shop

gabba gabba hey banner used at the last ramones concert in LA

original handbills, stickers and posters under plexi glass

vintage guitars under glass

custom made neon peace sign by Jon Cisler Design

thanks to interior design for the images
Photography by Eric Laignel.

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