San Diego

...just got back from a trip down south to see our friends
tee and mike the geniuses behind oh my dog photography
we went to the del mar horse races [so old hollywood!]
and saw an amazingly fun band ozomatli after the races.
we saw the star of india ship and a ww 2 russian submarine
that made us all a little queezy, linda barley escaped
before a full panic attack! we ate lunch at the bali hi in shelter island,
an amazing tiki style restaurant that had just been restored
with the best view of the bay! we also did some shopping,
so look out for all kinds of fantastic new pieces at the trove!

view from del mar race track where the turf meets the surf!

we put everything on no.10 it was a photo finish and... we lost.

the star of india

the russian submarine [makes you queezy]

all that rope!

porthole view

bali hi restaurant in shelter island, highly recommend the lobster roll

puffer fish light fixtures over the bar so genius

view of the harbor