House Crashers on DIY network

Here is a sneak peek of the finished
kitchen we did for
House Crashers
airing Monday August 2nd
8PM on
DIY network! Check it out.


Alameda August 1st

We will be in space T -11 on Sunday August 1st
at the Alameda Antique Faire.
Get there first!


rose bowl

this was our favorite find from the rose bowl,
it was over 6' tall we thought it
would make an amazing mirror!

We also bumped into Brooke Gianetti
who writes the blog Velvet and Linen
who blogged about her finds [including us!]
at the Rose Bowl check out her blog.
Thanks Brooke!


catalog living

ever wonder who lives in all those catalogs
you get? meet Gary and Elaine...
so good you will cry!
one of the latest posts.
catalog living


House Crashers!

we just got the schedule for our episode of house crashers on D.I.Y. network
if anything changes we will let you know, and as we get closer we will update.


who is that dancing bear?

it's linda...
the shoot didn't last long she got
claustrophobic and called it quits!
[one of our favorite finds this week
1920's bear mask from a theater company]


bumped into...

we bumped into our friend cindy lemmon today
at the trove, she is an amazing artist
so we wanted to share her with you.



4th of July Alameda Antique show!
got home just in time to watch fireworks with
our families from the front yard.


alameda july 4th

alameda july 4th
we will be in the same spaces as last month
Q 21-22
come by and see us!
happy 4th!