Tinywater Photography Project

our mood boards for tinywater photography,
they are opening a new studio downtown sacramento.
watch for the project progress we will continue to update
as we move forward.
next step ordering the pieces...



we were featured in
california home & design

magazine this month,
come see us at the
antique trove in roseville.

thanks chloe!


martin mattox denim wall

here are a few pictures of the denim wall
and "MAN" room
we installed at
MARTIN MATTOX @the antique trove


Regatta in SF

Last week we went to our son
Jett's first regatta of the season at
Lake Merced in San Francisco,
here are a few pics...
snapped throughout the day
in no particular order.


the harrington jacket

As spring approaches this is the go to must have jacket,

G9 The Original Harrington Jacket Since 1937 'Made In England'

Known worldwide thanks to iconic fans from Elvis Presley to Frank Sinatra,

the Original Harrington remains a true English classic,

born in Manchester and drenched in a rich aura of fashion heritage.

this one is vintage

this one can be purchased here...


40 winks

“Bold, romantic and fantastical” is how one American magazine described it... An intoxicating mix of old and new, of the seriously grand peppered with a sprinkling of shabby chic, his home exudes glamour, wit and charm.

40 Winks

This is the description of what will be our next sleeping arrangement
when we visit London.
David Carter's home is located in a
Queen Anne townhouse built in 1717.
He had two rooms rarely used so now they are available to rent out to
photographers, stylists, art directors, designers, buyers, models and anyone
in the creative and fashion industries to stay when they are in
London for work or pleasure.
We are ready to book it right now!

Not to mention his genius Interior Design
our latest
David Carter Interior Design



this weekend only!
all MARTIN MATTOX locations
world wide
[including the antique trove]

3/5/11 - 3/6/11