Nick Veasey's X-Rays

These images are so powerful,
 could not get them out of my mind, 
...so that's what
my boxers would look like in an x-ray!
"The world of fashion is obsess with appearance and superficiality.
 As an antidote to this disease I delve beyond the surface 
and reveal the beauty within"


Rachel Horn's Airstream!

Sourced from Craigslist for $5000 and decorated in a Moroccan style
this amazing Airstream is a luxurious design dream!



Linda is in love with these bags, 
stylish, sturdy and oh so... au currant!
The bags are constructed of organic and vintage materials
repurposed leather and other parts sourced in the U.S.
made by hand in small production runs.
Get one now!


Denim Workshirts = Spring Trend

Spring 2012 trend...
Denim workshirts
we have them only $12.00
images via tumblr


Lenny Kravitz for Kartell


 What do you get when you mix Lenny Kavitz and Kartell?
Bad Ass chairs!
Collaborating with designer Philippe Stark on the Mademoiselle chair
Kravitz added his rock and roll edge with faux fur and faux reptile
prints as well as some amazing textures.
Rock on.