"things" we passed on...

mounted wart hog

native american life size dolls?


when we are out shopping we run into some really
great "things" these are not in our opinion great,
therefore we passed on them!


House Crashers for DIY network

we had the opportunity to do an episode of house crashers
last week, 3 days [3 long days] to do an entire kitchen,
nook and living room, we tore down walls and transformed
the space. the homeowners were great and worked super hard
to make the design happen. we will keep you posted on the air date,
and you will have to wait to see the big reveal!
here are a few photos we snapped while shooting.

starting the demo

the last of the old fixtures

tearing down cabinets

josh and monte removing countertops

putting in the new support beam

josh getting ready to go under the house

the last of the floral border

josh and john hanging drapery hardware

truck load of new stuff!

we totally scored today and ended up with 2 full truck loads of goodness.
here is a little sneak peek. should be ready to shop next week.
get there first!


new website launch

introduces new website...
huge images, shop photos, reclaimed wood furniture collection
with shopping cart and lots more super new stuff.