big love in old sacramento

the HBO series big love was filming in old sacramento on wednesday,
we had a front row seat to the entire thing [through our side window].
the stars trailers were right behind the shop, we watched and waited for
any of them to surface. finally had to go over to where they were
shooting, camera in hand ready to snap some paparazzi shots when
bill paxton and jeanne triplehorn ride by us on the sidewalk on bicycles
couldn't get the camera out of my pocket fast enough,
then chloe sevigny walks past but took me too long to realize
who she was. so we went around the back of where they were filming
and only got photos of the cars, until we were asked to leave the set
[apparently they did not want us in the background of the shot].
this is all we got!
bill paxton

old sacramento or elgin illinois?

yep we got really close to the cars...

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