Topsy's Roost

 We were asked to help with this years Gala event for the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco, the theme is Playland at the Beach circa 1920's-30's we found these images of Topsy's Roost while researching playland. This place looks like it was AMAZING!
More to follow on the Gala!

George Whitney opened Topsy’s Roost in 1929 and it soon became San Francisco’s most favorite spot at Playland-at-the-Beach. Driving south along the beach from the Cliff House, the first building you came to was Topsy’s Roost, a very popular Chicken Dinner House and Nightclub. You could dance to a live orchestra and there was seating on the main floor as well as the balcony. If you were sitting on the balcony level and you wanted to dance, there were slides to take you right down onto the dance floor.

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