christmas decor

we helped our friends decorate for a birthday party/christmas party last week...
they asked for non-traditional decor that reflected their style,
the result was a study in editing and placement.
The wreath at the front door was made from flexible conduit,
the gnome gardens were used on the consoles both in the family room
and the living room for color and texture and to add a sense of greenery,
the christmas tree was fabricated from the
humblest of materials 2x4's, pvc pipe and an antique spoke car wheel
for the base we topped it with a red light bulb.
We framed a window in the living room with greenery and placed
several chritmas trees outside and added the vintage choir
boys and candles to finish the vignette
[ a nod to their catholic school upbringing ]
p.s. the letters came from martin mattox way back in the summer
and looked so amazing by the front door we had to get a picture!
thank you to our friends for letting us
express our creativity and give them something truly
magical for the holidays!


  1. I know who lives there! Fantastic house and love what you did!!!